When your business depends on professional exhibits and displays at trade shows, you need a moving company experienced in the particular needs of multi-vendor events and conferences. With Direct Relocation’s trade show moving services, you never have to worry about explaining or micromanaging the planning, delivery, setup, and teardown. Their team of relocation professionals understands what is needed and they will work with you to confirm timing and details.

Whether you are participating in events within Florida or within the United States, Direct Relocation Services are the trade show movers you can trust to get your exhibits where you need them, when you need them.

Selecting the Right Trade Show Movers

The most critical step in planning your trade show logistics is picking the right provider. You are making a choice to simplify your business process, not complicate it. The key is choosing a moving company that has a proven track record of providing the highest quality services. That means you should look for these essential qualities in your trade show moving services provider:

Reliability – Does the business have a track record of satisfied customers and can they provide references? What is their rate of on-time deliveries for time-sensitive shipments? Do they have a reputation for reliable service among the community?

Competitive Pricing – Can the mover provide a quote? How do they calculate the estimates? Is it materially more or less than other providers? If so, why?

Experience – Trade shows and conferences require a different skill set to understand what it takes to execute flawlessly in time for your show. If the provider can’t speak in detail about the various services they provide in support of conventions and trade shows, they don’t have the experience. A lack of expertise for the movers translates to a potential recipe for disaster for your show.

Outstanding Service – Are they proactive in the planning process, providing checklists and suggestions for making your planning easier? Is there easy and open communication? Do they return messages or inquiries promptly? If they aren’t checking these boxes from the start, move on.

Variety of Services – Do your movers provide complementary services like storage? Do they offer packing and unpacking services? Can they provide a variety of moving supplies like packing materials, moving blankets, crates, etc.? Do they have move coordinators that help with planning?

What to Expect Before the Show

Think of your movers as a partner in your trade show logistics. The better prepared you are to discuss details, the better service they can provide. An experienced mover will be able to provide expert guidance throughout the entire process, from planning to delivery and setup to teardown. Some areas to consider before the move are:

  • Pre-Show Planning
  • Exhibit Handling
  • Delivery and Setup


When planning for your trade show, an important step is establishing your logistics budget. Providing a comprehensive inventory of your items will help your movers give a more accurate estimate. The inventory can also do double-duty as a checklist to use when packing and setting up.

Obtaining a plan of the new location with any assigned areas for your exhibit and a schematic of the expected layout will simplify setup on move day. If the venue or show organizers provide a website, log on and get the agenda, venue address, floor layouts and booth availability. If you can choose your own booth location, do so as soon as possible.


Before the move, discuss your expectations with your trade show movers. Communicate special handling needs and discuss the best way to pack and protect your trade show assets. Confirm the pickup location and finalize the packing list to be sure both you and the movers have everything you need to get the right materials to your show. Your trade show moving services provider should be able to provide tracking for your material delivery.


First, confirm the delivery address, date and time with your trade show moving services. Establish a contact list and communication method with names and phone numbers. Then share any special instructions like service entrances, loading areas, etc. from the venue. If booth setup is part of the service, be sure that there is someone from your company assigned to help with questions and placement details, as well as to be a liaison with the venue.

What to Expect After the Show

Once you’ve completed another successful convention, it is time to pack up and plan for the next stop. Having a clear plan for how the items are packed up, labeled, inventoried, delivered and stored sets the stage for a seamless start to the next conference. Your experienced mover will be able to prompt you for details by providing a checklist or asking questions. Areas for discussion are:

  • Tear Down and Load Up
  • Delivery and Storage


Discuss what type of assistance you need with breaking down the booth and packing. Agree on the date and time you expect the movers to meet you at the venue. Use your inventory list while packing to note what you need to replenish or what you need to replace. Note potential stress points or wear in the materials and plan for a backup for your next event. Labeling your crates or boxes makes locating items easy.

Delivery and Storage

Confirm the delivery address with your movers and make sure you have someone scheduled to meet them. If you are not going directly to another event, then provide the address where the exhibits will be stored. If it will be after hours, be sure you have access to the building and that you have any special instructions for after-hours deliveries.

If you are out of storage space, you may need to plan for exhibit storage. Talk to your provider about storage options and availability. Depending on how much space you have available in your offices, it may make more sense to conserve office space and keep bulky items in a separate storage facility. Some details to discuss with your mover when it comes to storage are:

  • Do you need access to the items between shows?
  • Who will have access?
  • Do you need climate control?
  • What is the cost?
  • Is insurance provided, or is it an additional option?
  • What does the insurance cover?

Why Direct Relocation Services Is the Right Choice

Direct Relocation Services was founded by two friends who knew that there was a gap in the moving industry. Their goal was to provide innovative solutions for relocation needs in a way that upheld the highest standards in service and value. For them, it wasn’t just business, it was personal. The company has continued to grow in services offered, delivery area and customers served.

Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of their business that keep customers coming back. Whether it is a business relocating to another state, a residential move within Florida, trade show moves or storage, they have done it all and keep doing it with pride.

Keeping customers confident that their home or business furnishings and equipment will be handled with care and delivered promptly comes from their history of satisfied customers. To find out more about how Direct Relocation Services can make your move easier and your trade show more successful, call them today at (855) 378-3110 or online anytime.

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