Corporate Relocation Services

Simplify Your Corporate Move 

At Direct Relocation Services, we specialize in simplifying your move. Corporate relocations involve so much more than mere logistics. It involves ensuring sensitive documents are secure, expensive equipment is transported safely, and that we design and execute a plan to keep everyone informed and on schedule during the move. From staging to packing to loading to unloading, we can handle all aspects of getting you and your office relocated with the least business interruption possible.

Relocation for Employees Made Simple

When the decision is made to change locations for an office, there are many other vital details besides the office contents that need addressing. One of the most important aspects of business moving is the relocation of key employees. Our move coordinator can work with your team to schedule residential moves for staff members that are relocating with the company, as well. Some of our services include:

When transferring for a job, we understand that timing isn’t always ideal. Having to report to the new office while living in temporary housing, moving out of the home and into a new one doesn’t always line up perfectly. For those times, we offer short-term storage until the employee is ready for us to deliver their furniture and personal items to their new home.

Long-Distance and In-State Moves

Whether you are moving your office and your employees across the country or within Florida, we are here to simplify all your corporate moving needs. Your move coordinator will address not only the office timing and logistic plan, but they will also work with you to ease the transition for your staff. No move is too close or too far, too small or too large for us. Each relocation is treated with the same concern and professionalism as the next, regardless of scope.


Why Choose Direct Relocation Services?

Our business has grown by providing quality relocation services to our neighbors in Florida. As word spread, we have become the trusted service for residential and commercial moves, both locally and across the nation. We are proud to offer experienced move coordinators and dedicated moving staff to ease an otherwise stressful series of events involved in corporate relocation.

When your company needs an experienced, professional and trustworthy partner to move your business, let Direct Relocation Services take the reins. To get started, contact us online anytime or give us a call at 855-378-3110 Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM.







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