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Are you ready for a big move? Moving can be a thrilling, stressful and hectic time. Just like any other major event in your life, it pays to plan well ahead of your move.

Whether you’re moving across the street, across the country or anywhere in between, follow these simple steps to ensure your relocation goes by easily.

8-Week Checklist

Eight weeks may seem like a long time, but it goes by fast. At this point, there’s a few important steps you can take to make the last few weeks far less stressful.

In no particular order, here are some steps you can take between the eight-week mark and six weeks.

Receive a Quote

How much is this going to cost you? Research relocation services in your area and ask what their services they offer.

Some moving companies simply rent you a truck, while others provide a full-service moving team to efficiently pack, load, move and unload your belongings.

Find out if you need a storage unit before you can move into your new home. Be sure to get written quotes on both relocation and storage services to budget for your move.


As you start cleaning and organizing your belongings, there are bound to be items you haven’t used in years.

Take this time to do some massive spring cleaning and sell, donate or recycle items that you don’t want to move. You’ll save yourself time and money by downsizing before you move rather than after.

Collect Important Documents

Don’t wait until the last few days to gather essential documents. Spend time this week gathering the important documents you need for your new home:

  • School records
  • Doctors
  • Insurance
  • Passport, if planning international travel

6-Week Checklist

At the six-week mark, you should have a good idea of the items you’re ready to take with you. Six weeks may feel like a long time, but the deadline is getting closer.

This is a great time to start making final decisions about what you’ll move and what you’ll leave behind.

Gather Packing Supplies

Now that you’ve begun to sort the items you’re going to take to your new home, it’s time to gather packing supplies.

While you may have boxes and blankets prepared for your move, it’s a good idea to have a plan to gather more. Boxes, blankets, bubble wrap and filler material for boxes can all cushion your fragile items and avoid scratches on your furniture.

Organize a Moving Party

This is a great time to start saying goodbye to your old neighborhood. This part is particularly important if you’re planning a long-distance relocation. Organize a party before you pack away all your dishes and furniture.

If you’re leaving the state, spend additional time with your nearby family or relatives that you may not see as often. By planning your party early, you can avoid feeling stressed and exhausted during your party.

Work With Your Moving Company

Spend some time getting to know your residential moving company. Ask for a list of important steps you need to take to make sure moving day goes by without a hitch.

Some residential moving companies require you to package and prepare all your belongings, while others are happy to assist you in wrapping your fragile items and preparing your furniture for a move.

4-Week Checklist

Now that you’re one month out, it’s probably sinking in that you’re about to move.

Four weeks is a great time to wrap up loose ends at your current location and prepare your home, family, vehicle, and belongings for this transition.

Start Packing

Pack up any items that you don’t use on a daily or monthly basis. For instance, this is a great time to wrap up holiday items, seasonal clothing and picture frames.

Be sure to clearly label your boxes by their contents or the room they belong to. This will allow your moving company to assist you in putting boxes in the right rooms at your new home.

Donate Items You Can’t Sell

After yard sales and posting items online, there’s bound to be items that just won’t sell. Consider whether you’ll take them with you to your new location or donate them to someone in need.

This is a great time to start clearing out your freezer, garage and any other long-term storage area.

Return Any Library Books, Rentals and Other Items

Tie up any loose ends with your local library and rentals. If you have a local gym membership, you may need to give a month’s notice that you won’t be renewing your membership or that you’ll be relocating.

Contact USPS and Utility Companies

Contact your utility companies and the post office about your move and provide them with a moving date. Schedule a mail forwarding service and consider leaving your address with a neighbor to prevent mail from being left at your old home.

2-Week Checklist

Two weeks marks crunch time. These two weeks will go by fast as you make last-minute preparations, so keep your checklist accessible as you fly through each day.

Plan Your Meals

Consider creating a two-week meal plan. You’ll be extra busy these last two weeks with last minute issues, and you may wish to pack up much of your kitchen as you prepare to move.

Simple freezer meals can make all the difference and help you avoid costly trips to restaurants and fast food locations.

Prepare Your Home for the New Owners

Start cleaning your home and preparing it for its new owners. If you’re moving out of an apartment, you’ll want to be sure you receive your entire safety deposit.

Otherwise, gather warranties and owner’s manuals that will stay with your old house.

The Final Week Checklist

Take a second to breathe deeply as the last week cruises by. In no time, you’ll be kicking back in your new home.

Follow these last-minute steps to be sure you have everything you need for the big move.

Pack Your Bags

It’s easy to forget to keep your essentials handy. As you pack up all your belongings, be sure to leave out toiletries and clothes.

Pack a few days of clothing in a separate bag, so you don’t have to dive right into unpacking clothes and essentials at your new location. Here are just a few basics you should keep handy:

  • Clothes for a few days
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet paper and hand soap for your new home
  • Phone charger
  • Snacks
  • Keys for your new home

Have all these items in a bag in your vehicle or with you at all times. This will help you easily access your new home and prepare for a long day of moving.

Once you’ve finished your move, you can kick back without searching through boxes for these essentials.

Confirm Movers

Double-check that your mover has the right date. Go over any last-minute changes and ask about the exact timing of moving day.

It’s important to be on the same page so you aren’t waiting for your mover, but are ready for an efficient process.

Prepare for Your New Home

After you’ve gone through all these moving tips, you’re prepared to enjoy an efficient relocation. While no move goes by without any stress, it pays to plan ahead and work with a professional team.

For an affordable and efficient moving service in Florida, contact us at Direct Relocation Services today!

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