Pack your bags and get ready to move. Whether you’re moving to a new apartment across the street in Miami or traveling across the country, consider hiring a professional mover to make the transition easier. Professional movers in Florida can assist you in preparing for your move, transporting your items and temporarily storing your belongings as you move to your new home.

Safe Removal, Storage and Transportation

Work with Direct Relocation services in Sunrise Florida  to safely haul, store and transport all your furniture and other belongings. As leading professional movers Florida, we give you peace of mind as you pick up your life in a new home. Explore the benefits of our efficient moving services to how you can pack your bags the right way.

Our full-service support starts with packing your belongings. We work with you to carefully package any fragile glass items to ensure they make it to your new home in one piece. Our team inspects any large or bulky items to come up with a game plan before moving day. This preparation helps the day run smoothly.

Don’t worry about running out of boxes or bags. We can provide packing supplies and equipment to organize your items before you leave your home or apartment. Clearly labeled boxes allow us to easily sort your items by room once we get to your new home. Filler materials, pads and moving blankets protect furniture and bulky items that may otherwise scratch, scuff or crack.

We bring brand-new boxes and sturdy crates to easily carry all your items for your move. Organize loose items by room and use our packing peanuts, foam and cardboard filler materials to ensure every box is ready for the ride. Responsible boxing prevents broken items and ensures you know the contents of every box without opening them and digging through your belongings.

Packing the right way can be stressful. If packing boxes feels like a frustrating jigsaw puzzle, then it’s time to ask for help. At Direct Relocation Services we can assist you in creative and efficient packing strategies to minimize the chance of damage and reduce the size of your moving vehicle.

Packing Tips

Save time on moving day by packing some of your own boxes. Here are some tips that help you maximize your space and make the most of your professional moving team:

  • Pace yourself: Rushing the packing process can break items and create jumbled boxes that aren’t sorted by room or item. Carefully consider the best way to organize your items to make unpacking easier at your new home.
  • Take photos: If you love the way your wall hangings are arranged or need to remember how your cords connect to your TV and entertainment center, then take a few photos. A reference photo helps you reorient your belongings in a new space.
  • Use proper packing materials: Don’t pack items without the right protective materials. Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are excellent options to protect fragile items. Consider using newspapers and towels to protect dishware and glassware. Finally, use plenty of tape to secure every box.
  • Prepare a moving kit: Did you remember to leave out clothing, toiletries and other items for moving day? There’s nothing worse than digging through boxes at the end of a long moving project, so prepare separate day bags for all your nighttime needs, clothing for the next day and a few treats for the big day.

These general packing tips apply to most situations. Speak to our team at Direct Relocation Services in the Miami area for more personalized tips and ways to prepare for a pleasant moving experience. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for your day, but give yourself plenty of time to pack.

Reduced Moving Stress

Work with a moving company that feels like family. Our professional team at Direct Relocation Services treats each customer as a close family member. Bring up any concerns you may have ahead of moving day to relieve stress and make a solid plan.

Another way we reduce the stress of moving day is by cleaning your previous home. In the rush of packing boxes, traveling and unpacking at your new home, the last thing on your mind is tidying up your old apartment or home. We offer comprehensive cleaning services to ensure your new buyer or previous landlord are pleasantly surprised with the state of your previous home.

Fast and Efficient Relocation

Moving can feel like a process that takes years. Work with efficient moving professionals to reduce the timeline of your relocation. We work with all sizes of moves and strive to keep an efficient pace. Whether you’re moving to the West Coast or around the block in Ft Lauderdale, we’ll keep it as fast and efficient as possible.

Choose a moving company that’s prepared to work with a large move or additional furniture. We work with all sizes of homes, from efficiency apartments to commercial moving projects. We’re capable of same-day moves if your new home is ready, or we can use our convenient storage solutions as you transition from one home to another.

Easy Transportation of Bulky Items

Couches, beds, TVs and major appliances can be far too large to move on your own. Even if you have a truck and trailer, it pays to work with a professional moving company. Take the danger and hard work out of moving by allowing our hard-working professionals to move all your bulky appliances and furniture.

We have the equipment, trucks and padding required to safely remove large items from your home, store them safely and take them into your new residence. There’s nothing worse than scratching the walls of your new home or damaging priceless furniture due to improper storage or transportation. Proper padding prevents these accidents and keeps your items looking like-new as you transport them to a new state, new city or simply a new home.

Large couches and appliances can overload cars and small SUVs. Heavyweight items are best hauled by a box truck. If you aren’t familiar with driving a larger truck, then it can be a stressful task to take on during your big move. Leave it to the professionals to navigate local traffic with all your belongings and enjoy a calm, stress-free drive in your own vehicle.

Convenient Temporary Storage

Moves are rarely straightforward. If you need to remove your belongings from your current home before it’s time to move into your next home, use our private storage rooms. We have clean, efficient solutions to keep your property protected while you wait to have it moved. Our moving services assist you as soon as you have possession of your new home or apartment in Miami or across the nation.

These units are available for short- and long-term use. Take advantage of this convenient feature to move out before you’re ready to move into your new home, or wait a few days to bring your non-essential belongings into your new home. This approach allows you to move your essentials into your home without extra boxes and belongings in the way.

Work With Professional Movers in Florida

Why use professional moving services? Learn why a professional moving team can take the stress, discomfort and danger out of your move. Don’t let a stressful move cause you to regret changing addresses. Contact us at Direct Relocation Services in Florida to start planning for your big moving day.