When you’re preparing for a major move, you need a reliable moving company to back you up. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, discover how you can carefully compare moving companies and select the ideal business for your residential and commercial needs. Don’t settle for an unprofessional moving service, but enjoy hassle-free moving services in Florida and throughout the country by following these steps:

  1. Verify the moving company
  2. Compare services
  3. Receive estimates
  4. Check out customer reviews

These steps will help you make the major decision of choosing a moving company. Look for ways to save money, save time and protect your investments with the right moving company near you. Carefully compare companies using these steps to enjoy quality services and stress-free moving from start to finish. A premier moving company offers quality services with accurate estimates, excellent customer reviews and all the specialized services you need.

1. Verify the Moving Company

Just like any other industry, there are many moving company scams. Here are a number of steps to take to be sure there are no red flags that your chosen moving company may be a scam. Follow these steps to safeguard you, your money and your belongings and enjoy experienced, reputable moving services.

Verify the Company Address and Range of Service

An important step before paying any money or discussing any valuables involved is to verify addresses. This involves two steps. First, verify the address of the business you’re considering working with. Any moving business should have an established address and history of work. A moving company without a clear address or alternative contact information may be a scam company looking to take your money.

Second, verify your address with your potential moving company. Be sure the company you’ve chosen works in your location and is capable of moving your belongings to your final location. Some companies only work within a single state or region, so check that your company is willing to move across the country, if necessary.

Look for Licensing & Certification

Moving companies should be licensed. At minimum, look for companies that have a DOT number. A licensed company is allowed to use commercial vehicles on the road, so your belongings are in the hands of a safe and registered company.

Ask Around About the Company’s Professional Reputation

This step is particularly useful for businesses. Ask local businesses who have recently moved about their moving experience. A quality mover in your area will have experience and great customer reviews. While you can compare reviews that the company has received, it’s also helpful to ask outside sources about their thoughts on your chosen moving service.

2. Compare Services Being Offerred

Before you receive an estimate or hire a moving company, check to see that they offer the services you require. Not every company offers both residential and commercial moving services. Discuss the type of move you’re planning and be sure that your moving company can not only accommodate your particular service, but has experience with these exact situations.

This is one of the most important steps in selecting a moving company. Commercial moving requires particular care in loading and storing office furniture, supplies and confidential material. Residential moves, on the other hand, may involve dealing with priceless family heirlooms, bulky furniture or cleaning services after all your possessions are removed from your home.

Discuss Any Special Concerns You Have

Valuables, confidential items and extra-large pieces of equipment or furniture all require particular experience and equipment to accommodate them safely. Look for residential movers and business movers who are experienced working with specialty projects. Ideally, your fragile, bulky or unique objects should be visually inspected by a moving specialist before the move begins.

This allows your moving team to come up with a safe game plan for moving, storing and unloading your equipment. Otherwise, your moving team may be unprepared for the scope of the special project and not come with the necessary materials and storage solutions you need to keep your belongings safe.

Choose an Experienced Moving Company

Newer companies may not have the reviews or experience of other moving companies. It can be difficult to establish whether a brand-new company is legitimate or a scam. Instead of trusting a new, inexperienced team to handle your personal or professional belongings, work with an experienced company who has a track record of providing excellent service.

Experienced movers can not only keep your belongings safe, but they typically provide more accurate estimates and timelines.

3. Receive Estimates

Obviously an affordable moving service is important for saving money and making your move less stressful. However, be sure your moving service understands the scope of your move before sending an estimate. Here are some ways to ensure your estimate is accurate and reliable. Whether you’re working with business movers or residential movers, understand the cost of your move before signing any contract.

Ask for In-Home Estimates

Some companies are willing to give an online moving estimate. Unfortunately, these estimates are extremely generic. Every move is different, so the exact cost is difficult to estimate. However, allowing a professional to visually inspect your home, belongings and other factors, you’ll enjoy a far more accurate estimate. This is true whether you’re moving across the road or across the country.

Get It in Writing

A verbal estimate is difficult to prove. Be sure you receive a written estimate for your moving services. Some estimates allow room for additional costs, since some steps may take longer than expected. Whether your estimate is firm or just an idea of the cost, have it in writing before you agree to any services. Discuss all possibilities of excess charges with your moving team. The last thing you want is hidden fees causing your estimate to climb above your moving budget.

4. Check Out Customer Reviews

A reliable moving team will have reviews. See what customers have to say about your chosen moving company by reading online reviews, case studies, testimonials or talking to a local customer who has used your chosen moving company.

Customer reviews give a broad picture of the experience of working with your chosen company. By understanding what other customers have to say about particular moving companies, you can choose a company that offers reliable, comfortable and safe moving services.

Consistent positive reviews are a sign of a trustworthy business of any kind. While every business may have a few negative reviews, particularly online reviews, a steady flow of positive, professional reviews shows you the type of moving company you’re going to work with.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Moving Services with Direct Relocation Services

At the end of the day, you want a stress-free moving experience. Your ideal moving company should provide affordable, reliable and turn-key services. If you have a gap between leaving one home and moving to the next, work with a moving company that has storage solutions for all your belongings. Safe moving, storage and unloading services should be the cornerstone of your ideal moving company. These services come together to take the stress out of your move.
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